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– Georgetown which is actually Penang City had a turbulent past,

already before the British colonialist made the deal with the Sultan to take over Pulau Pinang as the Malaysian name is, the island was on the crossroads from Europe, India and Arab Peninsular to the Far East and from China to the Indian Ocean, here its the Andaman Sea. After Penang Georgetown which is more or less Penang City became the center of trade and military operations of the British colonial troops in the far east, e.g the British Burma campaign started form here and some other.

Fort Cornwallis at the Georgetown seaside was fortified and intended as the last refuge in an emergency. Today probably the most interesting for the visitors to Penang are the beaches, the great Penang hotels and beach resorts plus the multicultural background and a rich cultural heritage seen primarily at Georgetown in little India and Chinatown. Old Chinese architecture from the 18. century onwards is still visible everywhere in Georgetown. Chinese, Indian, native Malay style and plenty of other restaurants makes this Penang city and the island in general a very attractive environment for tourists and maybe as a retirement home either in one of the huge apartment building or a house at the coast or in the green covered hills. Penang has plenty of very steep hill, actually most of the island consists hills. Fringed by sandy beaches with sometimes huge granite boulder on it.

Georgetown Harbor Waterfront and Apartment Buildings
Georgetown Harbor and Apartment Buildings
Penang Ferry
Penang Ferry at Georgetown

It is quite easy to stay at Penag Georgetown, the city is not expensive at all, prices are somehow the same as Thailand just 3 hours on the road to the north. There are luxury hotels such as the Eastern & Oriental or E&O Hotel in the city and on the lower end of the hotel pricelist is the Regal Malaysia Hotel at transfer road where still good rooms with bathtub etc. for about Ringits 80,- are available, there are plenty of other Penang hotels in the high price range such as the Shangri-La Rasa Sayang Penang beach resort in an exotic lush tropical environment just between the north coast road and the Andaman Sea. On the other side are cheap Chinese Penang hotels or rather guesthouses for around Ringits 30,- (that’s about $ 10,-). A other accommodation in Georgetown are apartments either when you plan to stay longer or have a rather big family. Penang apartments are the preferable choice for most Penang visitors form the middle east who usually come with a big family. There are plenty of apartment buildings along the Penang beaches too, you can see the apartment buildings of Georgetown very good by using the Penang ferry.

Most Penang hotels are around Georgetown since the distance from Georgetown to Batu Ferringhi Beach plus the Bayan Lepas district is rather short. Bayan Lepas is near to the Free Trade Zone of Pulau Pinang and there are also a couple of good hotels, mainly for business travelers.

Penang airport is in the same area plus one of the real interesting Chinese Temples of Georgetown Penang, its the Snake Temple, there are plenty of other Chinese temples in Georgetown which give the traveler a real good smell of all kind of burning stuff and incense sticks. But however it is twisted its still Penang Malaysia.

Actually, according to my personal temple visitor investigation the most praying and incense sticks are to tell the ghosts, pls. let me win in the lottery, this is just the same when Thai people a little further north visit the Wat Chalong on Phuket Island, they burn the incense sticks, throw the fireworks into the brick oven  and pray to the ghosts pls. let me win in the lottely.

The most exiting constructions are the Penang bridges. It’s the Penang Bridge and another spectacular suspension bridge visible just behind the arrival pier of the Penang Georgetown Ferry on the Butterworth side looking great together with the domes of the nearby mosques.

Penang Airport
Penang at Georgetown Airport
Penang Bridge
Penang Bridge between Butterworth and Georgetown



– Georgetown Malaysia

Penang City
Penang City

is one of the most exiting cities in Malaysia, it is the capital of Penang and popular as a beach and retirement destination. The touch from being a globally famous tourist destination comes from  British colonial times, the Chinese influence and a great fort just opposite of the Georgetown City Hall.

There are terrific Chinese and Hindu temples, splendid mosques, broad avenues, spacious and exotic gardens and a colorful little India and Chinatown, all together its typical Malaysia, truly Asia. There are fairs & festivals and bustling shopping malls and shops full of all the goods of the far east.

Georgetown is a great travel destination where past comes alive at the magnificent Fort Cornwallis and a interesting Malaysia Chinatown having a opportunity to know about art and architecture of the past.

Fort Cornwallis is a magnificent fort still in excellent conditions, situated at the seaside just aside the Georgetown city hall. There are many other interesting structures and historical monuments in the city which can be visited, the most interesting are the temples, mosques and pagodas plus Penang Chinatown which actually is more or less downtown Georgetown, but this Chinatown looks much more authentic than Kuala Lumpur China Town.

Georgetown Malaysia Chinatown old Building
Georgetown Chinatown.

Penang Chinatown old Houses
Georgetown Chinatown

Penang Chinatown Taoist Temple
Georgetown Chinatown

Fort Cornwallis at Penang
Fort Cornwallis at Georgetown
Georgetown Chinatown
Georgetown Chinatown

Fort Cornwallis inside at Penang
Fort Cornwallis inside at Georgetown
Penang Chinatown
Penang Chinatown

The British colonial troops started their campaign to conquer Myanmar from Fort Cornwallis, where all the ships gathered to sail to Yangon, the former Rangoon.

A landmark of Penang is the colonial style Eastern & Oriental Hotel or E&O.  A combination of colonial times flair, style and beauty. Here it’s genuine, not the usual copy wishi washi. Started by the Sarkies brothers in 1885, the E&O quickly become the top hotel in Penang Georgetown and a landmark of the city. Some famous guests were Noel Coward, Douglas Fairbanks, Hermann Hesse, Rudyard Kipling, Somerset Maugham and plenty of other.It makes some sense to stay a night in this Penang luxury hotel, or at least have a nice stylish dinner, its something special at Georgetown. The island is truly Malaysia with a typical blend of people settled at Penang during British colonial empire.

The Eastern & Oriental Hotel in Penang Georgetown
The Eastern & Oriental Hotel in Penang Georgetown

Eastern & Oriental Hotel in Penang Georgetown Interior
Eastern & Oriental Hotel in Penang Georgetown Interior

Eastern & Oriental Hotel in Penang Georgetown Lobby
Eastern & Oriental Hotel in Penang Georgetown Lobby

Georgetown Penang Cityhall
Georgetown City hall


– Penang Georgetown City Hall

opened at 1903 is a impressive Victorian Style building. The city hall is still in use and Penang people still meet in the wood paneled council chamber of the City Hall. Today Penang Malaysia or Pulau Pinang’s Georgetown City Hall is a Historical Site.Georgetown Penang Small Mosque
Georgetown small Mosque

Georgetown Penang Lunchbreak at City Hall
Georgetown Lunch break at City Hall

Georgetown Penang Colonial Style Villa
Colonial Style Villa

Georgetown Penang Colonial Style Building
Colonial Style Building

Georgetown on Penang road
Georgetown on Penang road

Georgetown Chinatown Street Penang
Chinatown Penang

Georgetown Penang Family on the move
Georgetown Family

Georgetown dance on Penang road
Dance on Penang road


– Penang city shopping at “little India and Chinatown

Georgetown Shopping at Little India
Shopping at Little India

Shopping at Georgetown Little India
Shopping at Little India

Georgetown Antiques Shopping
Antiques Shopping

Georgetown Shopping Chinese Antiques
Shopping Chinese Antiques

Komtar Tower
Komtar Tower at the Waterfront.

Penang George Town
Penang George Town

George Town Restaurant
George Town Restaurant

George Town Chinatown
George Town Chinatown

Georgetown Malaysia Chinese Style
Georgetown Chinese Style