Penang Snake Temple

– Chinese temples are somehow historic symbol of Chinas great culture and heritage.

Penang Island has plenty of exotic Chinese temples most are at Georgetown and there are even much more as at Kuala Lumpur Chinatown. The most famous, from a tourist view is the Snake Temple close to Penang airport. Several Burmese Pythons doze in main hall and have a lazy life, they say the smoke of the burning incense sticks make them sleepy.

There are plenty of Chinese temples around, such as the Kek Lok Si Temple on Penang Hil temple and Goddess of Mercy or Kuan Yin Temple Penang at Georgetown Malaysia. This is one of the oldest and most busy Chinese temples in Penang and is a real cultural relict, there are plenty of other Chinese temple, big and small in Penang.

Apart from the Chinese temples, there are also several other such as Hindu temples, , Buddhist temples and some grandiose Mosques new and old which are real cultural and historical attractions

Probable the most famous Chinese temple in Penang is the Kek Lok Si Temple. With plenty of beautiful images, carvings, and sculptures of Buddha. In 1885, a Buddhist monk from China came to Penang. He initiated the construction of this Chinese Penang Buddhist temple at Air Itam village, funds were supplied by some private donors. In 1904, the initial part of this temple was completed. Relics and artifacts such as a set of Buddhist sutras donated by Emperor Kiang Xi plus handwritten scripts presented by Empress Cixi were donated to the temple.

At the Penang pagoda of a million Buddha, another temple building was built under the Buddhist monk Poon Teong. The construction was initiated in 1915 and it took 15 years to finish it.

– A Chinese Buddha or Taoist temple

is virtually around every Georgetown corner. Some are Buddhist temple other are not and again others are somewhere in between Buddha and another deity. It’s somehow the same as in Thailand and Myanmar where they also pray to their locals ghosts and also to Buddha. Most Chinese temples and Taoist shrines in Georgetown Malaysia have a seated or standing Buddha statue. Taoism is very visible at Penang.

Taoist Shrine Penang
Taoist Shrine Penang Georgetown

Taoism at Penang
Taoism at Penang

Goddess of Mercy or Kuan Yin Temple
Goddess of Mercy or Kuan Yin Temple at Penang Georgetown Malaysia

The Goddess of Mercy Temple, located in the city of Penang is a shrine dedicated to Kuan Yin and is the target of many religious followers every day. While many come to the temple in thankfulness for various blessings believed to got through Kuan Yin, others pray for the safety of a loved on or maybe simply to win in the lottery. The light incense sticks or light up candles inside and outside the shrine, after they circle around the temple building three times before leaving this great Chinese temple.

The Chinese temples of Georgetown also features richly decorated halls and other historical relics. A very special temple at Penang Georgetown is the snake temple a unique shrine with about a dozen of Burmese Python also called Myanmar snakes. Kuan Yin, according to Chinese Buddhism and Taoist beliefs is known to be the Goddess of Mercy. Kuan Yin is also believed to be the model of Chinese beauty. Upon the completion of life she was ready of entering the gates of paradise. At this point she is said to have heard a cry of anguish from earth, unable to ignore this call for help Kuan Yin chose to be an immortal living in the hearts of the suffering.

– The growing numbers of new mosques

shows the rising influence of islam in Malaysia. Malaysia is a Islamic country since ages but it was never visible so much until resent years. The mosques at Penang are usually beautiful architecture. There are several other mosques at Penang, small and big.

From a visual point of view, which is usually the approach of a traveler, two pagodas are real eye candy. They are built just opposite the same street. Its the Thai pagoda and the Myanmar or Burmese pagoda or Buddha

Burmese Buddha Temple Penang
Burmese Buddha Temple at Penang
Buddhist Temple Penang
Buddhist Temple Penang

temple. Inside and outside richly decorated with all a real pagoda can offer. There are plenty of Buddha statues in various positions such as standing, reclining, sitting and
Thai Buddha Reclining Penang
Thai Buddha Reclining at Penang

other Buddha images depicting various mudras. There are snakes, chintes, which are half-lion half dragon guardians of a pagoda and plenty of other exotic figures in the Buddhist temples, just have a look at the pictures they say much more.

Chinese Shrine at Georgetown
Chinese Shrine at Georgetown Malaysia    Snake Temple Video

Mosque Penang Georgetown
Kapitan Keling Mosque Penang Georgetown Malaysia
Malaysian Mosque near Penang
Malaysian Mosque near the Motorway to Penang
Buddhist Temple  Penang
Buddhist Temple Thai Style Penang Georgetown Malaysia

– Snake Temple

The most exotic temple in Penang is probably the snake temple with plenty of Burmese Pythons doze in the dark corners and on poles as you can see at the pictures below

Penang Snake TempleSnake Temple
Penang Snake Temple

Snake Temple
Snake Temple

Penang Mosque at Butterworth Ferry Jetty
Penang Mosque at Butterworth Ferry Jetty