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– Penang has lots of scenic landscape and a exotic urban area, just the place to make a great Penang video

with a multicultural background. Also the Penang nightlife is a highlight at any Penang travel and the backdrop for a great video and movie.

In our Penang video gallery are several video clips to let you know what’s going on at Penang and in particular Georgetown Malaysia, somehow a virtual Penang guide. All are digital videos shot with a semi professional camera .Sometimes the picture quality is not top notch, but this has to do with the video formatting in Adobe premier where some tradeoffs are done to make file size small.  Most of the clips are travel documentary from traveling to Penang coming down from the Thailand border, others are entertainment clips. Georgetown is covered on the clips and Penang night and nightlife plus beautiful Malaysian nature.

Georgetown Malaysia Snake Temple
Penang Night
Penang Travel
Phuket to Penang

Travel to Georgetown Malaysia
Penang Travel view from the Butterworth Georgetown ferry