Photos of Penang

Penang Photo Picture Temple Buddha…

– A holiday destinations such as Penang

with a rich past has plenty of exotic places for great photos. Attractive sandy beaches, sometimes with some granite boulders in between allow marvelous panorama shots, maybe with some water sport and a purple sky in the evening when the Andaman Sea gets dark. Penang is quite developed, there is nothing wild left but interesting nature photo spots are still around with an exotic beauty. Beautiful mosques, Buddhist, Taoist, Hindu temples and some Churches give nice photo objects.

Malaysia and Penang is a exotic picture wonderland which a rich diversity of colors subjects and objects. Virtually on every second corner a new motive for your digital camera or video equipment appears. Make photos at the spice garden, botanical garden, the monkey spot nearby.

There are old Chinese pharmacies and antique shops offering the scent of the east and a great photo taking, sometimes you better ask first before you do the shot, especially in antique shops the people don’t like others making photos or a video clip, but usually there is no problem.

There is a night market at Batu Ferringhi with myriads of copy items offering great photos from a modern oriental bazaar. There are plenty of  beautiful decorated restaurants, with a exotic touch, several Indian restaurants in Penang Georgetown  are just the right object for some excellent colorful photos and to picture photography spots Penang.

Some of the best photo objects are at downtown Georgetown with plenty of Mosques and old Chinese houses, giving a feeling of colonial times so do the City Hall a great white monument just opposite Fort Cornwallis.

Fort Cornwallis was the first settlement of the British colonialists on Pulau Pinang. Shoot great Penang pictures, do some beach photography, also Buddha picture are a beautiful exotic motive.

At Penang Chinatown Pagoda picture are possible plus photos of Taoist Temples, Yap temple pictures and other Chinese temples. Temple pictures are some of the best and most exotic pics which could be shot at Penang.

The most exotic temple in Penang is probably the Snake Temple, a dark place with burning incense sticks and dozens Burmese pythons dozing at the furniture.

Penang Mosque Photo at Georgetown
Penang Mosque Photo

Malaysia Mosque
Malaysia Mosque Photo

Yap Temple Penang Malaysia
Yap Temple

Chinese Temple Penang Georgetown Malaysia
Chinese Temple

Buddha Pagoda Burmese Style
Buddha Pagoda Burmese Style Photo

Buddha Pagoda Thailand Style
Buddha Pagoda Thailand Style Photo


– Harbor – Port – Ferry – Butterworth

Penang Harbor
Penang Harbor Photo
Penang Ferry
Penang Ferry Photo

Penang Photo Harbor Ship
Penang Harbor Ship Photo

Penang Bridge
Penang Bridge
Butterworth Photo
Penang Ships
Penang Ships Photo

Ferry Penang
Ferry Penang

Butterworth Photo

Penang Bridge
Penang Bridge Photo


– Penang Georgetown

Komtar Tower
Komtar Tower


– Penang Map

Butu Ferringhi and Georgetown Map
Butu Ferringhi and Georgetown Map
Penang Bridge Photo
Penang Bridge Photo

Penang Map


– North Coast and Beaches

Penang Beach Apartments
Penang Beach Apartments at Batu Ferringhi

Travel to Georgetown Malaysia
Penang Travel view from the Butterworth Georgetown ferry